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  • Writing Team as a Service™ Delivers Infographic Excellence
    Writing Team as a Service™ Delivers Infographic Excellence
  Welcome to Writing Team as a Service™ (WTaaS)

We’re the McLellan Creative Writing Team—the marketing writing team for global technology leaders. As a global technology marketing professional, you manage the relentless pace of one campaign after another knowing your quality must be enterprise-class all the way.

Your Dream Writing Team is Just a Click Away

The McLellan Creative Writing Team:
  1. Produces enterprise-class writing for all your content (across the team)
  2. Is extremely creative and knows the art of storytelling (for captivating campaigns)
  3. Is tech savvy across all verticals (nothing scares us)
  4. Is instantly scalable—whether you need one writer or 10 (we’re ready now)
  5. Is always available (7 days a week if you need us)
  6. Offers pay-as-you-go pricing so you pay for what you need when you need it (how simple is that?)
The McLellan Creative Writing Team has been delivering Writing Team as a Service to global technology leaders since 1994. We’re fast, creative, experienced, tech-savvy—and always available.
Tap into our Writing Team as a Service and get enterprise-class writing (across the team). Give us one project to prove you made the right choice.
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